Young star Jude Bellingham wore white boots to Adidas’s 30th birthday party, just like Gerrard or Beckham

Jude Bellingham is already a famous football player around the world. Because of this, Adidas saw him as the star of its most famous line of shoes, the Predator. For their 30th birthdays, English stars like Gerrard and Beckham wore these boots, but Bellingham is clear about which football player best fits the silhouette: “Zidane is one of the pre-best defenders in history.”

Jude Bellingham at Adidas HQ today, as seen on Madrid Xtra on X.  This link:

“I hope to carry on the tradition of his shirt number (5), and I hope to keep his shoes,” he said of the new French coach. One similarity that comes to mind right away is Bellingham. When you are driving, keep your head up and walk with style. Now, the young player for Real Madrid is hitting goals like “Zizou” never did.

The Frenchman’s most famous moment, on the other hand, is something Jude hopes to be a part of one day. He said, “After seeing these boots, Zidane’s Volley is the first and best memory that comes to mind because of what it means and when it happened.”

“I hope there are many more great times ahead, carrying on the history of these shoes and this brand and trying to inspire the people who come after me.” Before me, Zidane, Beckham, or Gerrard did it. Now it is my turn, and I am proud of it. I hope to enjoy it, the Real Madrid player said.

“It comes down to mental toughness. What these players have in common is the ability to perform at their best in big games, which is how you are judged in football.”

“Jude Bellingham celebrating with a young fan in the Madrid Zone on X. This link:” / X

“It is normal to win crowns like Golden Boy. I have come in second twice, and I do not like it.” The fact that you did not win hurts you. He said, “Just keep trying, keep trying, and I finally got there.” He was recently named the best U21 football player in the world. And he says, “Every day I am still trying to get better and push my limits, learn, and grow.”