PSG’s Trio of Messi, Neymar, and Mbappé Ready to Light Up the Field

Neymar’s Parisian Dream Turns Sour, Messi’s Struggles Continue, and Mbappé Faces Ungrateful Farewell

When Neymar arrived in Paris in 2017, the Eiffel Tower was lit up with his name. It was an unforgettable sight. But after six years, he left as a player who was booed by his own fans. Injuries kept him from playing in crucial moments of the Champions League. He came in as one of the best in the world but left without ever making it to the Ballon d’Or podium, spending his time between poker games and parties. When Messi was forced out of Barcelona in 2021, he found solace in Paris. However, his physical and mental state no longer allowed fans to witness the best of Leo at the Parc des Princes. Despite winning the World Cup in Qatar and defeating France in the final, his Champions League journey fell short even when playing alongside Neymar and Mbappé.

The final matches for Messi in Paris were uncomfortable, with fans showing their discontent through boos and criticism. Another disappointing end. And Mbappé? After seven seasons at PSG, winning league titles consistently but facing European disappointments, he emerged as the top scorer who would eventually succeed Messi and Cristiano as the number one. However, last Sunday, his farewell to the fans didn’t go smoothly either. He was booed by the Parisian crowd when his name was announced before the match, although he was praised by the ultras (with a special tifo made for the occasion). After scoring a goal, he thanked Arnau Tenas for the assist and, upon receiving the Ligue 1 champion title, Kylian, holding a microphone, was the cheerful host of the celebration.

A pretty chilly farewell. And he’s off, this time, without leaving a single euro in PSG’s coffers. The signing bonus is all for him. And they’re giving him a hard time. In the city of love, affection is hard to come by.