Starving dog found dumped by canal was so skinny ‘every single bone was poking out of his skin’

A passerby noticed the skeletal dog by a canal in Doncaster and immediately called RSPCA

A DOG rescued from a canal was so starved that every single bone was poking out of his debilitated body.

The brown dog was found by a passerby in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, last week.

The man immediately contacted animal welfare organisation RSPCA, which is now appealing for information.

RSPCA inspector Jennie Ronksley, who rescued the dog, told Metro: “He was literally a bag of bones, you could see every single bone poking out of his skin.

“It’s a miracle he was still alive to be honest. It was so cold and he was so thin that there is no way he could have survived outside in that state for long.”

The dog, a lurcher of around three-years-old and nicknamed Ollie, weighed only 15.6kg when he was rushed to the vet. That’s half the weight of what a healthy male lurches is supposed to weigh.

“I had to carry him to my van and then lift him out and carry him into the vets,” inspector Ronksley added.

“But, when I put him down in the waiting room, he got up and made a beeline to the shelves stuffed full of bags of food. He was obviously starving.”

Ollie underwent a number of medical tests and is now well looked after by a foster carer, who is focusing on restoring the dog’s weight and strength.

He has already put up some 2.5kg in a only week.