Pennsylvania shelter rescues starving dog left to die in park

MEDIA, Pa. (WSVN) — When a Pennsylvania animal shelter received a call about an emaciated dog that was having trouble breathing in a park, a humane officer immediately went to check it out. What he found was heartbreaking.

“Officer Riggle has a tall list of to dos, but there was something nagging in him to go to Deshong Park, in Chester right away,” the Providence Animal Shelter said.

Humane Officer Ron Riggle headed to the park, about 15 miles to the west of Philadelphia, Fox 29 reports. He soon found what the shelter described as “a large dog of skin and bones” who was so thin, he could not lift his head up.

“A dog who had been left to die,” the shelter said.

The dog, who has since been nicknamed Sly, was laying on a blue blanket, struggling to breathe. His stomach and arm area were shaved, which the shelter says indicates he may have received an ultrasound or catheter recently.

Riggler rushed Sly to the shelter’s medical facility, where doctors asked how he wanted them to proceed.

“I want you to save his life,” Riggle replied.

An x-ray revealed the dog had a rope toy blocking his intestines. Doctors performed an emergency surgery to remove it, and monitored Sly overnight.

By the next morning, the 50-pound dog, who should normally weigh twice as much, was finally able to lift his head, and even wagged his tail for his rescuers.

Because of the recently-shaved areas on his stomach and arm, officers are now trying to determine where Sly was treated before he was dumped in the park.

To make a donation for Sly’s medical care, visit the Providence Animal Shelter’s website.