A dog that had been neglected was discovered almost starved

Animals often come to shelters in tough shape, but with care, their situations can improve. In Illinois, we follow Pumpkin’s story—a dog once near starvation now on the path to healing. Keep reading below to learn more!

A dog that had been neglected was discovered almost starved.

A caring individual found a severely neglected dog, almost starved, and acted quickly by alerting the local polic

By September, the South Suburban Humane Society in Illinois welcomed Pumpkin, a dog in critical condition due to severe malnutrition. The team there took immediate action to give Pumpkin the essential care he required.

CEO Emily Klehm labeled Pumpkin’s situation as “extreme,” noting his extreme weight loss and difficulty moving. Despite the challenges, the committed team worked tirelessly to help Pumpkin recover and improve his quality of life.

To help him recover from severe malnutrition, the vets provided fluids and trimmed his tangled fur. Thankfully, Pumpkin started getting better, leading the shelter to place him with a staff member for foster care.

The shelter posted Pumpkin’s early progress on Facebook, praising his strength and recognizing that there was still a way to go in his recovery.

“Thankfully, we got him into foster care, where he is starting to improve and stand on his own again,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “His journey is still long, but we are incredibly proud of him so far.”

But in the following weeks, he has shown remarkable progress.
Pumpkin’s amazing change — he went from not being able to stand to confidently strolling around the yard, happily wagging his tail.

Pumpkin, although still quite thin, has been consistently putting on weight, showing he’s on the path to recovery. “This little man is progressing, and we cannot wait to see how much more he continues to improve!” South Suburban Humane Society wrote.

We’re not sure about Pumpkin’s past, but once he’s medically cleared, the shelter plans to put him up for adoption.

“Pumpkin will need a home that understands that he was severely neglected,” Klehm told Newsweek. “He doesn’t know how to be a dog, so everything from leash walking to toys are all new experiences for him. An experienced dog family would be best.”

Even after the sad neglect Pumpkin faced for a long time, his strength and improvement have inspired everyone helping him get better.

Right now, he’s thriving and enjoying his foster home. Pumpkin is gaining weight and feeling the love and care around him.

Seeing how far he’s come shows how much kindness can do. If you care about Pumpkin, drop a comment below and share this story with your loved ones.