This Scrawny Little Kitten Roaming The Streets Blossomed Into A Beautiful Queen With Major “Tortitude”!


Then Mango entered the picture, a little baby kitten found wandering outside.

I named her Mango because she has a little orange spot on her head.

Three years have passed and now we’re inseparable!
I couldn’t live without her.

What is Mango’s personality like?
She’s got major tortitude! Everything happens on her terms.

But she loves to snuggle, and boy can she snuggle!

She always has to be touching me, whether its a paw on my face or a full-on snuggle session.

She’s so loving and playful; Mango is a ray of sunshine.
Sure, sometimes her love bites go a little too far– ouch!

Mango loves to play fetch.

I will throw her favorite little crunchy ball and she will get it and bring it right back to me.

This will go on for about 10 rounds. She loves this game!

She only likes certain toys and she somehow knows exactly which toy she wants to play with.

Sometimes I’ll throw a bunch of toys, but she’ll only bring back the one she likes.
How has Mango made a difference in your life?
I rescued her and she rescued me.

Even though she has an attitude, she has a mind of her own and that’s a very special quality.

She’s the perfect mix of sassy, affectionate, and entertaining.

She knows when I need cheering up and is quick to comfort me with snuggles.

Mango is truly one of a kind!

She belongs to me just as much as I belong to her.

I’m so grateful she’s in my life.