These devoted caretakers spend their nights sleeping with orphaned baby elephants


Such wonderful caring people to take care of these beautiful baby elephant 🙏❤
Wonderful people what a perfect world we would have if all were as caring as you 😊

Projects like Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, give us hope that it is not over yet. For nearly half a century the devoted people here are saving and taking care of these magnificent creatures. With over 8,000 elephants treated and over 250 orphaned elephants raised, these real-life heroes deserve so much respect.

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These people put a lot of heart, affection and devotion into their work. To better understand what they’re capable for the seek of the animals they’re fond of, you need to know they’re even sleeping with the orphan elephant, just to make them feel comfortable.

Just like human babies, they also need someone to keep them warm, to feed them or to cuddle with them. Unfortunately, for these baby elephants, their moms are gone – because of iv.ory – but they found so much love and affection at the people that rescued them – their caretakers.
These guys take care of the elephants, just like they are their own babies.
It felt very similar as to when they were babies, waking up at all hours to feed and change them.
These kind men are permanently staying next to these gentle innocent and delicate creatures, especially during night, when they also make sure they’re all covered in blankets.

A keeper explained: It makes the babies feel very secure. You are like a mom to them and being there enables them to sleep very comfortably. When they sleep comfortably it allows them to grow healthily.

Absolutely fantastic people thank god for them there love is amazing…! ❤️🙏❤️

They give them so much LOVE that the babies want to live. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU ALL DO TO SAFE THESE BABIES.
GOD bless these wonderful people who stay up at night to pass the night with these orphan baby elephants to comfort them and look after them!Thank You all you caring people!You are all so special People.❤️🥰😍🤗👍

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