The Kitten Comes From The Bushes After Hearing The Voice Of The Home Owner And Cries For Help.


The kitty was flea-bathed and dried off there. She seemed confident that she was in excellent care, and she was undoubtedly looking forward to spending her first night in a safe and secure environment.

Credit: YouTube/cassieland .ca
The personality of the small kitten began to emerge over the next few days. She was brave from the start, approaching all of the other cats and dogs in the home and following them around the house in search of attention.

Charm was the name Cassie gave her. She was very charming, quickly making friends with everyone in the home.
Credit: YouTube/cassieland .ca
“My emaciated bush kitten is doing fantastic.” Cassie said, “No more fleas, big, amusing personality, and extremely playful.”

“She gets along with the other cats and dogs and has truly made herself at home.”
Credit: YouTube/cassieland .ca
Cassie isn’t sure how she ended up where she was. Mom and siblings were nowhere to be seen.

But one thing is certain: Cassie was in the right location at the right moment, and she very likely saved the tiny calico’s life.
Credit: YouTube/cassieland .ca
Charm has continued to grow since her rescue. Her life’s ambition appears to be to become the house’s boss. Something she is pursuing with zeal and zealousness.

Cassie still follows her around everywhere; after all, people are nice for cuddling, and adorable kitties belong on shoulders.
Credit: YouTube/cassieland .ca
She is happy and safe at last now that she has found her new Mom.

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