The Armadillo Lizard Is Like A Mini Armoured Dragon


Can a reptile be both charming and also frightening at the same time? In the case of the armadillo reptile, it probably is.


This little reptile is like a medieval fantasy dragon. One that is brought to life. Undoubtedly, it does not breathe fire. Also, it is a whole lot much less fearsome than a real dragon. Thus, it will not devour you like a jelly bean (we wish!).

The armadillo lizard is additionally one of minority reptiles that does not lay its eggs. Moreover, this might be among the animals to inspire the look of dragons we see in fiction. It could have additionally influenced people to consider armouring up during a time of battle.

According to Scientific Research and Nature, the armour is not the only impressive feature of this lizard. They also have a wonderful means of securing themselves. They will roll up in a round whenever they feel any kind of danger. This is similar to actual armadillos. Moreover, their armour is additionally sharp to protect them versus predators. Ideally, they will see the ‘point’ in attacking the lizard!


Bored Panda says that South Africa is where the armadillo lizard can be located. It tends to live under rock crevices to secure itself versus the unwelcoming atmosphere. This area is none apart from the South African desert. However, they choose to sunbath in the warmth of the sunlight.


These sturdy reptiles live on a meat-eating diet. Insects comprise the majority of their diet plan. In addition, it does not require much to make it through. Regretfully, the captivating looks of the armadillo reptile indicates it brings in a great deal of poachers. They are somewhat easy to catch. This makes them a part of the illegal animal profession. Consequently, the animal faces a hazard to its population.

IOL mentions that an illegal wild animals ring was broken by the authorities. The law enforcement were collaborating with CapeNature Conservation Solution. They had the ability to hinder the wicked animal trafficking ring. The lawbreakers were punished to 1 million South African Rand (regarding $70,000) or 13 years of prison time.

It is prohibited to maintain the lizard as a pet. Hence, if you intended to have, after that bad luck!