Terrified Stray Was About To Be Treated And Released Back On The Streets

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A Greek law says that an injured stray is the responsibility of the municipality and it must be treated and released in the area it was found if no one claims the dog, writes ilovemydogsomuch

But that would’ve been the absolute worst thing for Sunny, and Takis Shelter knew it. The man stepped forward to rescue her.
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Sunny was scared of people, especially men. Gaining her trust would be no small task, but Takis was determined to try. Every day, he would get a bit closer to the dog and try to make her feel more comfortable. Then one day he woke up to a wagging tail!
Sunny came a long way and was much better around women, but she still needed work with men. The sweet girl took to the other dogs and made some friends, her favorite being Ozzy who was recovering after being found hanged and burned. They were getting better together and connected right away.
Sunny broke out of her shell and let her true personality shine. A year later, she was a brand new dog living in her forever home! Today Sunny enjoys a soft bed and loves all humans and animals she meets.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv