Rare White Kangaroo Born At Australian Wildlife Sanctuary


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An Eastern gray kangaroo has brought to life an all white albino kangaroo at an Australian wild animals shelter in Victoria.

Only 1 in 100,000 kangaroos are born with this distinct skin condition, although the white joey’s father being an albino might have aided.

Annemaree Van Rooy, owner of the Scenic view Yard Estate was the very first to find the joey, speaking to UNILAD she stated:

“The joey hasn’t been named yet as it just popped its go out a number of weeks earlier. She’ll be bulging with any luck in the following month for short periods of time.”


Look into this video of the little guy poking his go out of his mothers bag:


While albino kangaroos are a rare sight, there are many at this wildlife sanctuary, “we have a crowd of white kangaroos and also albino kangaroos that live here on the shelter.”

” There are about 9 in the mob currently, a combination of white and also albino,” Van Rooy added. “They are rather rare and also very distinctive.”

Albino animals are usually plagued with a variety of health issues, so in the wild, they can face numerous issues.