People Said Theirs Wasn’t A “Feasible Bond” By Any Means, But They Didn’t Listen


Inter-species animal friendships are a rare delight! There’s something pure and ethereal about animals bonding together so powerfully despite their differences and it makes us feel good no matter how our day is going, writes ilovemydogsomuch
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However, it’s a sad fact that many people believe it’s not possible for creatures to overcome their instinctive call and animalistic tendencies just for the sake of a friendship. But this video proves that one can never overlook the beauty of such precious bonds!
In this video, several animals stand out as they develop strong connections with the unlikeliest of animals. We see dogs befriending chimps, tigers, elephants, dolphins and deer. One dog even boldly uses an elephant as a diving board, and it’s all too adorable!
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41-22 (1)
This delightful video was actually a commercial made to promote Google Android’s “Friends Furever” campaign, and it does make a strong statement about brotherhood! We’ll have to say that humans can learn great values and integrity from the animal kingdom!

Click the video below to watch this striking video about the power of pure animal friendships!