Owners Have Dog’s Infected Eyes Removed Instead Of Treating Them, Dump Him At Pound


Louis, a three-year-old Lab/Shepherd mix, who now resides at Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California, is searching for a forever home after his owners betrayed him, writes ilovemydogsomuch

When Louis developed a bad eye infection, his previous owners decided to have his eyes removed rather than pay to treat the infection.
Again, the family didn’t get Louis the care he needed, and his leg ended up healing the wrong way.

Now Louis was blind and injured, and his family no longer wanted him. They ended up dumping him at a Calexico area shelter, where he received surgery to fix his leg.

Thankfully, a rescue partner of the HWAC pulled Louis from the pound and brought him to the center, where he was immediately showered with love before going to live with a foster. He is still adjusting to life without eyes, and is doing great, but he is still heartbroken and confused to be without his family.
“It is incredibly important that people who consider getting a pet know the obligations they take on with these animals,” Helen Woodward Animal Center Adoptions Director Hella Tyler said in a statement.

“When people get their pets for free off of Craigslist, they don’t seem to realize that pets come with responsibilities and a monthly expense for their caretaking, including medical care. In turn, these pets will provide their owners with unparalleled love. They pay it back tenfold. It’s just devastating to see an animal treated the way Louis was treated.”
The center is now trying to find the perfect forever home for Louis. His ideal new owners would have a one-story home and someone who works from home and could spend more time with him.

Aside from getting use to his loss of eyesight, he also walks with a limp due to his old injury. Because of these factors, he needs a family who is patient and willing to provide the special care he needs as he adjusts to a new home and life.

Louis has suffered immensely in the past, but he is still extremely kind to humans and is ready to give all of his love to his new family.

Whoever adopts Louis will receive a free training session, dog food and treats from the center.

If you’re interested in adopting Louis, please fill out an application on www.animalcenter.org, or call 858-756-4117.
Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv