Ostrich Hugs Or.phane.d Baby Elephants To Make Them Feel Less Al.one After L.osi.ng Their Mothers


Wo.und.ed or orp.haned pets have a hard time end.uri.ng in the wild without aid.

The David Sheldrick Wild Animals Trust Fund (DSWT) takes in animals in need as well as takes care of them up until they can be launched back right into the wild. Now, a female ostrich at the DSWT haven is making headings for her affection for elephants and partnership with them.

According to DSWT, the ostrich’s name is Pea, as well as it showed up to the haven in 2014.

Pea pertained to the sanctuary with her bro Case, however she was immediately attracted to the elephants. A lot so that when Hull was launched back into the wild, Pea was allowed to remain at the haven.

Pea has actually been a terrific good friend to the baby elephants brought to DSWT, as evidenced by the various photos of her cuddling up with them.

She’s invested so much time with elephants that she’s started to imitate their actions.

Pea is regularly seen laying with the elephants, who like brushing their paws versus her soft plumes after a bath in the mud. Pea has built a special bond with one of the newborn elephants in particular.


Jotto was saved from a well by herders and brought to the wildlife haven in 2016. Jotto was just a month old, according to workers at the wild animals haven. Pea was more than happy to supply him with a mommy figure due to the fact that he was so young. Jotto is likewise seen laying on Pea as if she were a fluffy padding in one picture.