Man Throws Acid On Stray Dogs Because They “Repeatedly Pestered Him For Food”


The authorities in Assam, India, are investigating a sickening case of animal abuse after 5 stray dogs became the tragic victims of a violent acid attack, writes ilovemydogsomuch


This disgusting incident happened in the state’s rural Barpeta neighborhood, where a 43-year-old man named Gautam Basak was seen hurling acid on the innocent starving dogs out of pure malice.
A local rescue called “The Wagging Tail” immediately rushed to the location after being informed about the suffering and dying dogs. Sadly, one of the dogs had already succumbed to the gruesome tissue and organ damage caused by the acid by the time the rescuers arrived. One of the victims was a feeble mama dog who was still nursing her young puppies despite being in immense pain caused by critical acid burns across her back.
The rescue rushed the surviving dogs to the city, where they’re now receiving intensive treatment for their complex injuries. Meanwhile, several rescue groups in the state joined hands and demanded immediate arrest of the culprit. Based on witness evidence, Gautam was eventually arrested by the cops on charges of animal cruelty.
So far, there has been no established motive behind the attack. However, it is being speculated that the man was simply annoyed at the stray dogs repeatedly pestering him for food. Gautam reportedly runs a jewelry store, where he handles and manages acid (used on precious metals) on a daily basis.