Loving Monkey just can’t stop hugging grandma after being reunited


They show us that animals too have feelings and can love their grandparents just like kids do.
You could tell he loved her so much and missed her ❤️ But why are they [ti.ed] up to the bed and is that where they live that must be boring for them.

Capuchin Monkey Xander and Ohana seem to have really missed their grandma! As soon as grandma enters the room, they are jumping and hugging her.
Such a darling moment being reunited with some one you always thought warmly of. So good for the soul.

BUT Why are the monkeys [ke.pt] indoors and on a lead wearing nappies they should be outside playing on trees not [ke.pt] inside on a lead so sa.d 🙁
Cute but very sa.d. They have no teeth.

If these are rescued monkeys, they still shouldn’t be living [ti.ed] up in someone’s bedroom! They need to be outside and with other monkeys.
It is important to try and replicate as natural environment as possible.

Watch the heartwarming moment in video below:

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