Julian Alvarez and the image that alerts Haaland days before Champions League final

Manchester City prepare for their Champions League clash with Inter and an image of Julian Alvarez worries Erling Haaland

Julian Alvarez and Erling Haaland

Manchester City is preparing for the most important matches of the season, which could end up defining this year’s efforts. Pep Guardiola is analyzing the best players available to face these duels, mainly the UEFA Champions League, as this is the competition he has not yet won with the English team. The citizens must plan cautiously for this match after seeing their next opponents, Inter Milan, win the Coppa Italia.

In this decision, one of the big dilemmas is precisely the starting lineup of Julian Alvarez, who is in a great moment and could be the one to define the match. However, leaving Erling Haaland on the bench is extremely unlikely, so the idea of them sharing the field in this match is not ruled out.

Given this possibility, the Argentine’s concentration has been very evident in each of the team’s training sessions. For this reason, an image that has gone viral of the last practice of the Citizen team has already alerted Erling Haaland, who does not rule out the possibility that Alvarez will share a place with him in the final of the UEFA Champions League.

Julian Alvarez and Manchester City

In the image you can see a very focused Julian Alvarez, with an undeniable category and leaving a great physical effort in practice. A situation that would end up convincing Pep Guardiola, who could value his effort and give him important minutes in the most important match of the year.

Could Guardiola bench Haaland for Julian Alvarez?

It is highly unlikely that the Spanish coach would decide to play without his star striker, who is the current top scorer in the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. For this reason, Haaland’s substitution is not an option, however, Julian’s starting place alongside the Norwegian is not impossible, considering the recent performance of the former River Plate player.