He’s Only 2-Pounds & Can’t Walk, Mom’s Encouraged To Put Him Down


We cherish our pets no matter their age. But we can’t help but “Ooooo” and “Awwww” as they go through their early years, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Whether we adopt a kitten or a puppy, there’s no denying how utterly adorable they are! But just as humans do, they eventually grow up (and of course we love them just the same!). The kitten in this story, however, is stuck in permanent kittenhood.

When Fruit was born, he seemed like a normal little kitten. But once he should have been strong enough to stand and walk, he couldn’t bear weight on his legs properly. His owners gave him time but it didn’t make much difference. They decided to get him checked out by the vet. Oddly, Fruit’s x-rays were normal. No diagnosis could be made because no one knew what was wrong with him.

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Then sadly, Fruit contracted an acute virus and had to be admitted to the veterinary hospital. His lungs were weak so he was placed in an incubator. His owners visited him every day and prayed for his recovery. Between being sick and his issues walking, euthanasia was recommended but Fruit still had this lust for life. His owners couldn’t imagine giving up on him just yet. They continued to pray and in a couple of days, Fruit got so much better!

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Soon Fruit was well enough to go home. With laser therapy and special attention, Fruit was soon able to stand all on his own. He gets around by scooting about and he can really move!

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Fruit is not your average cat. In fact, he should be full-grown by now and he’s just under 3 pounds! He will likely stay a “kitten” for the rest of his life but his owners don’t mind. He’s adorable and happy, and all that matters is that he’s loved!


Did you know that pets with special needs are the hardest to place and the first to be euthanized at kill-shelters? That is why we need folks like you, who truly love animals despite the challenges they may or may not face. Please, if you are willing to adopt an animal with special needs, reach out to your local shelters immediately. You may just save a life today!


Fruit’s story shouldn’t be missed! Please click play on the video below! You can also follow him on Instagram by clicking here!

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv