Heart-Warming Footage Of A Baby Polar Bear Cub Playing With Its Mother In Snow For The First Time

Mother’s love is without any doubt the purest and beautiful thing in this world. Not only we, humans, appreciate the love of the mother, but animals also crave it. Baby animals can’t even survive in the wild without their mother’s protection. Mothers are the people who bring us to this world and teach us about life. They are always patient and do their best for us.

And the beautiful footage of the baby polar bear and its mom in this story can prove this. The little thing was enjoying the first snow in its life with its mother. And the polar bear mother kept watching her cub and sometimes played with her.
Those adorable moments were filmed at Novosibirsk Zoo, one of the largest zoos in Russia.
The cute polar bear cub was born to its parents, Kay and Gerda. It spent the first months of its life together with its mother in the den. When the newborn grew up, the zoo staff let it and its mama free in the fresh air of the snow. It was the very first experience with the snow in his entire life.

The little cute creature was careful at first but it got the curious mind of the kids. It couldn’t wait to play with its mother.

Its childhood is made up of the love and comfort of its mom. Is there anything better than this?

Originally seen on fascinatingthings