Friendly Dog Begs Mama Horse To Let Him Play With Her 1-Week-Old Baby Horse


Jessica Rummel traveled to Olathe, Colorado, to spend some days on her grandmother’s farm, writes ilovemydogsomuch

As she began getting acquainted with the many different animals on the farm, she quickly fell in love with the warm and welcoming creatures who lived together in perfect harmony!

Jessica has shared this video that beautifully captures the love-soaked first encounter between her grandmother’s farm dog and a 1-week-old baby horse. The dog was super-excited ever since his favorite horse gave birth. The mama horse was also eagerly looking forward to introducing her newborn little foal to the sweet farm dog.


When the dog finally runs to greet the baby horse, he gets enchanted by the irresistible cuteness of the foal. He nuzzles at the tiny horse and lets him know that he’s going to look out for him. The foal returns the dog’s love by flashing his adorably charming smile at him and showering him with kisses!

For several minutes, the wide-eyed baby horse simply revels in the comforting friendship of his new doggie buddy, and it’s just the beginning of a lifelong bond of love! Animals always amaze us with their abundant capacity to care for each other regardless of their species!