Every Moment Her Caretaker Sings, A Giant Elephant Falls Asleep


At an animal refuge and rescue center in Thailand, this is the heartwarming moment a massive elephant falls asleep to the sound of a lady singing.

The video was taken by a staff member at the Elephant Nature Park in the Mae Taeng District of Chiang Mai Province, and it shows the elephant on her feet at first. These elephants have had a difficult life, yet the fact that they can open their hearts to a caring carer demonstrates their loving nature.

The woman named Lek, according to the sanctuary, has a wonderful relationship with the elephant Faamai and has been assisting her in sleeping for years.

Lek continues quietly singing as she approaches the animal, who responds by bringing her in for a hug with her long trunk. The lady continues to sing as she walks about the creature, batting insects out of her eyes with a piece of cloth.