Cougar Lets Woman Touch His Tail For Very Important Reason

It’s not on a daily basis you see a wild cougar allow someone touch their tail. Yet that’s what a very large cougar named Kalamalka lets a zookeeper in British Columbia do. The cougar named Kalamalka is being trained to willingly provide his tail to zookeeper Dannielle at the BC Wildlife Park for food. However whatever for?

It’s for healthcare and allows veterinarians to draw blood from the big cat’s tail! This way they can stay clear of needing to calm the cougar. And, through this training, the procedure is a lot easier.

BC Wildlife Park explains on Facebook:

” With home cats, blood is withdrawn from their throaty vein in the neck, or a blood vessel in their leg;


nonetheless, that isn’t possible with a cougar unless they’re sedated. This volunteer actions was trained over the course of 1 year. Currently, our Animal Health Technologist, Paige, has the ability to insert a needle right into Kalamalka’s tail.”

” Due to the small tail capillary, the position of his tail in his training area, as well as the thick amount of hair he has, his healthcare group will shave a small portion of his tail fur as well as make use of a Doppler ultrasound to help in finding a suitable blood vessel in his tail. This will enable his healthcare group to conveniently locate a blood vessel and effectively withdraw the required quanтιтy.
” Subjecting the pet to every thing that will certainly be made use of during their medical treatment enhances the animal’s knowledge with the clinical devices. This procedure is important both to the success of training and also the animal’s trust with their caretaker.”

Dannielle has been educating Kalamalka and also one more cougar, Zoe, for over a year. It’s incredible to see the trust fund she has actually built with the wild pet cats. In the video clip, she is strolling a staff member via the process.
It’s outstanding to enjoy exactly how Kalamalka responds to the training. And also in case you are wondering what the touch pole is made use of for, the park officials explain that an animal touches their nose to the pointer of the pole and also receives a benefit. The training post aids pet treatment teams coax pets into different parts of their room.