Cat with giant tu.mor finally gets her smile back


A very brave cat with an enormous tum.or on her face never gave up. Rescuers saved her and helped restore her smile.

Meet Keta: Even though Keta had a tennis ball sized tum.our on her face, this beautiful kitty fought to survive.
She was a stray kitty that was taken to a shelter where she was just waiting to be [eutha.nized]. But thankfully, she was found just in time by “Unwanted NYC Pets”.

The volunteers worked quickly to [ra.ise mon.ey] to give her the [sur.gery] that she so desperately needed.
Despite her shocking appearance, Keta is a cat full of energy and has a huge appetite.

The [surg.eon], Dr Tomas Ingernuso, managed to avoid the possible [com.plic.ations] and successfully [re.moved the tu.mour].
She is so pretty thanks to the caring Vetenarians and of course the humans who took her to receive this lifesaving sur.gery.

Her appetite is as strong as ever. And now she lives just like any other kitty. Life was starting to look a lot brighter for this amazing cat.

All she needs now to make her life complete is to be adopted into her forever home.