Cat gets rescued after being forced to live in a tiny bird cage

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The conditions that some pets have to live in are truly horrific conditions, but thankfully many of them get a second chance at a better life thanks to rescuers.

Florida-based rescue group Furry Nation Salvation got a call a few years ago about a cat suffering in terrible living conditions.

When they investigated the home, they found something shocking: the cat was living in a tiny bird cage. The confined space was also filthy, and the cat didn’t even have any clean space to rest.

Making things even worse, the cage was in the backyard, with just a tarp thrown over to keep the cat out of the rain.
Of course, they couldn’t let this go on.

“There was no way we were going to leave her there for another second,” Tonja Heer of Furry Nation Salvation told The Dodo.

They took her in and gave her much-needed medical care, giving her the love and attention she was so long denied. She had a severe flea problem, which they treated with a flea bath.
She apparently didn’t even have a name while being kept in the cage, so the rescue named her “Holly Peppermint.”

Holly slowly got better. It was her first taste of real freedom: she had been in the cage for so long that she wasn’t used to so much space, and it took her some time to really explore.

But once she did, she proved to be a very playful cat.

After she recovered, Holly Peppermint got her happy ending: she found a forever home

It didn’t take long: friends of the group immediately expressed interest in taking her home. They’re the perfect family, with another cat for Holly Peppermint to play with… and best of all, plenty of yard space to play.

“No longer a nameless cat confined to a bird cage, Holly Peppermint has found the home she truly deserves,” Tonja said.

We’re so happy this poor mistreated cat was rescued, and now has a new life in a happy loving home!

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