Baby Monkey Takes Care Of Five Ducklings As If They Were His Family


It’s always nice to see baby animals doing things together, especially for different species, writes majesticanimals

This time around, the monkey and his five duckling friends are captivating hearts. This unlikely friend recently filmed hanging out together and this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

This precious eight-minute film was filmed almost a month ago and has already garnered over 45 million views. But it only takes a few seconds to fall in love with it. Watching a baby monkey take care of five ducklings as if they were his little brothers will surely bring a big smile and a twinkle in your heart.

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But after a little chase, everyone became hungry. Of course they eat together. While the cute ducklings serve the rice, the monkey eats nutritious bottle of milk. You can expect them to rest a little after such a meal, but it is not. The game continues.

Although the duckling follows their monkey friends everywhere, things get a little tricky when he climbs onto a tree. At one point, he was even surprised to find out why his fluffy friends weren’t behind him, but he spots them at the bottom of the three.
Cute boys hanging out all day is the cutest thing to see. Take a look below!