After Her Dog, A Judge Ordered A Woman To Sleep In A Dump Yard


Michael (Mike) Cicconetti, an Ohio court, is committed to ending pet mis.use and forget in his town, as well as he has actually taken an un.comm.on technique to do so.

As a court, he utilizes his sentencing authority to set sentences that he assumes will help the abus.ers comprehend why their activities are so detrimental.

A regional female was charged with damaging the law by allowing her pet dog to reside in a dirty environment. She landed up in the court of Court Mike.

When it came time for him to pronounce her sentence, he selected to give her a look right into the life of the re.gret.table pooch who had actually gone through her cru.elty and forget. He purchased the woman to sit in a dirty waste for eight hours straight.


Despite the fact that the stench made her sick to her tummy, the court rejected to allow her leave.

Though the woman was clearly let down with the conclusion of the situation, Michael hoped it would certainly make her reevaluate putting another innocent creature with such a nightmare in the future.

According to ABC 5, another instance of the court’s out-of-the-box punishment was highlighted in the case of a regional female who was found guilty of abandoning kittycats in the woods.

Judge Mike determined that as part of her sentence, she needs to be laid off in the wild for the entire evening. The intent of the judge in these penalties was not to treat any individual roughly or uncommonly.


He had no purpose of hurting these individuals whatsoever. He just wanted them to see just how their activities affected susceptible creatures via a brief, restricted experience. Court Mike is well-known and valued in his neighborhood for his empathy for pets.