Abandoned Dog Walks Into Yard & Collapses, Shows His Paw & Grits Teeth In Pain


It’s hard for ab.and.oned dogs to get used to the streets after experiencing the comforts of a sheltered and pampered life, writes ilovedogsomuch.

The dog in this story is Milo, who was just learning to fend for himself after getting dumped on the streets. But sadly, Milo got into trouble with some of the stray animals and ended up getting injured.
Milo endured the sharp pain from his injuries for weeks while his wounds began festering. One day, the poor dog just couldn’t walk anymore. Alone and helpless, he dragged his tired body into a family’s yard and collapsed as his legs failed him. The homeowners initially thought Milo was resting. But when they saw the dog motionless for hours, they knew something was terribly wrong with him.

None of the vets had any idea why Milo was unable to walk. They took an X-ray of his crooked paw and found no broken bones. Finally, they examined him further and realized that the paw injury was actually a scarily infected bite wound.
For a few weeks, Milo survived on pain meds. As he gradually got better, he transformed into a happy and playful puppy! Thanks to the intensive treatment, he recovered completely! Milo has now been adopted by a loving family, and he is already in love with his humans and his senior doggie sibling, Grace! What a blessed ending!

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Source: ilovedogsomuch.tv.