A Good Hearted Woman Rescues A Half Frozen Kitten On The Street

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A small cat a year ago was spotted under a car with ice in its hair on a very cold night. “(He was) only 4 weeks and a half frozen … and his mother was nowhere to be seen,” Anna explained.

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Credit: Anna

The kitten was taken to a care home in Pittsburgh, where she could finally feel warm and protected, have a full stomach, and sleep in a comfortable bed for the first time. “It made a good world of being inside and warm!”

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Credit: Anna

The little ball bounced back and grew into a beautiful flower.

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Credit: Anna
Anna welcomed him to his new home a few weeks later. He grew into the biggest hug of the house, constantly filling it with scratches and hugs.

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Credit: Anna

He became quite the character as he grew bigger and fluffier.

He supervises his humans while he isn’t making shenanigans about the house.
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Credit: Anna

His tail really fluffed up and flourished.

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Credit: Anna

After a few months, his floof had outgrown the bed on the cat.
He was discovered abandoned at the age of four weeks… He’s now the largest kitten I’ve ever met, with the greatest personality.”
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Credit: Anna

Jake turned one just a few days ago, and he’s already living life to the fullest!